You are so nice to share these with us.

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You are so nice to share these with us.

Post by rhitourp on Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:55 am

Hello. Originally posted by Mr_Pink: ^^ Everything he said is accurate. But problems like this are usually a result of poor media. HP Media, for example, isn't the hottest thing. What brand of media are you using? For further detail, download and check the media with DVD Identifier (freeware). Many members here, including myself, only use TYs or Verbatims.It would be interesting to see what DVD Identifier gives for the company Disc ID on the new HP media. MMC made the 4X and 8X. MMC is Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, the house manufacturer for the top line Verbatims. They're right in there with the Verbatims manufactured by TY. I've not used any of the newer formats. I switched to Sony which is easier to pick up off the shelf. In the past the made in Japan Sony was TY. The Tai manufactured +R reads Sony and it does a good job. I even check IDs on Verbatims, you could possibly buy the same disc with a different brand. 27 Oct 2007 @ 23:58

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