Nexuiz fork: Xonotic

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Nexuiz fork: Xonotic

Post by sev on Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:54 pm

Hi everyone, long time no see study

In case you didn't see it yet: (made public today, 22.3.)
After the whole mess with Illfonic, the Nexuiz dev's decided to fork the project and therefore separate it from Alientrap.
Apart from the name, not much will change for the players though.

Hallo alle zusammen, lange nicht mehr gesehen study

Falls ihr es noch nicht gesehen habt: (heute veröffentlicht, 22.3.)
Nach den Vorkommnissen mit Illfonic haben die Nexuiz dev's sich entschlossen das Projekt von Alientrap zu trennen.
Abgesehen vom Namen wird sich für die Spieler aber nicht viel ändern.

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Re: Nexuiz fork: Xonotic

Post by Fish on Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:32 am

i do wonder whats in it for illfonic. i doubt that, from a technical perspective, nexuiz, and darkplaces in particular, is much worth to them. they couldve just licensed a commercial (and probably, better) engine. the licensing fee would have been just a fraction of the developer salaries.

the real value of nexuiz was the community hype, and thus, its name. they got the name, but pissed off the community. so they completely trashed the most valuable part of their acquisition.

so at the end of the day, what they have now is a game engine that is excellent in the open source world, but mediocre on the commercial battlefield, plus a name that doesnt mean squat to the vast majority of their potential buyers.
which are: those who would buy just another multiplayer first person shooter game for their xbox or playstation, and have probably never heard of nexuiz or any other open source game, for that matter.

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